Create a healthy addressing all social determinants of health impacting Cleveland stakeholders where they live, work, and play as we leverage policies, partnerships, and programs within our community that enhance quality of life and reduce inequity.


A Healthy Cleveland is one in which Clevelanders have access to preventive care; have resources to fight and prevent chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease; can get help with drug addiction and mental health issues; with neighborhoods that are walkable, have green space, and access to local foods; neighborhoods that are invested in a way that builds their strengths and addresses their weaknesses.”

Mayor Frank G. Jackson

January 6, 2014

Third Inaugural Address


The Healthy Cleveland initiative was initially founded as a partnership with the City of Cleveland and  our four major hospital systems; Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, St. Vincent Charity Hospitals and University Hospitals/Case Medical Center. The initiative also includes strong collaboration with over 60 different organizations throughout our community including Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Shaker Heights Health Department, social service organizations, community development corporations and philanthropic organizations.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promoting high standards for clean air
  • Promote health and wellness through education
  • Creating healthy neighborhoods
  • Facilitating collaborative partnerships to reduce violence
  • Promoting consumption of healthy foods and beverages
  • Promoting active living
  • Promoting understanding of behavioral health and reducing stigma

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